gomme ss98


something close to home and comforting about this look. as if she’s been taken out of her bedroom only half dressed.. or only half undressed. she’s only put on half her make-up.. or only half removed it. and she’s wearing her new shoes around the house so she won’t get blisters when she wears them out.

sounds like rain, smells like rain, must be rain

there is something magical about rain that makes you feel safe and comforted. it’s so simple. if you take science out of it, rain and sun are the simplest things we have because they’re almost the first things we learn about – the weather. something that’s always there but always changing. but with rain there is something more powerful, a sort of force that lets you witness from inside only. indoors where you are meant to feel protected. and only revealing part of itself when you watch the drips pat on the window and then slide down the glass. or the fresh smell it leaves after the skies have cleared. so that’s what it is? it’s fresh. it has it’s hold on you for some time and then it leaves you and you feel fresh. and tomorrow when i wake up i’ll feel fresh because the rain will leave me and i will leave it. ..until next time;)



these photos are by marili Andre